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Introduction of DY SILICONE, INC.
Date: Feb.26.2014

Have you ever heard about SILICONE before !
Do you want to know about it now !
Here, at DY SILICONE, INC., you can get the silicone solution that you are looking for. Here, at DY SILICONE, INC., we'll help you achieve your goals.
DY SILICONE, INC. was founded on a lucky day in April, 2009. Right after DongYang Silicones (DYS), closed its doors, some of its members joined together to form DY SILICONE, INC.

Even though DY SILICONE, INC. is a small start-up, we have skilled experts, with some members having worked for more than 20 years in the silicone business.
DY SILICONE, INC. has been running a certified laboratory since July, 2012, which was established to develop better products and to support our customers efficiently.
DY can produce Liquid Silicone Rubber and related additives, such as PT catalysts.
DY focuses on the specialized silicones the customer is asking for, including custom-designed products.

DY products can be used for coating, sealing, molding, mold-making, and as additives.
DY products are used in such diverse creations as cell phones, displays, automobiles, print materials, and shoes. Some of these products have been using DY/DYS silicones since 2000.
DY is confident that we can meet all of your silicone needs. DY SILICONES, INC. does not operate independently from our customers. At DY, we build a close relationship with each of our customers.

If a customer gives an opportunity to DY, both the customer and DY will be satisfied and happy as we work together to create exactly what is needed.

Together, we can create happiness!

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